Support for policy-makers in decision-making and social dialogue

Since 2015, the Association “Baltic Coasts” is actively involved in the Advisory Council of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund, assessing the grant of the funding for projects that contribute to sustainable development and are designed to correspond to a nationally or internationally recognised environmental policy or environmental education priorities.

As one of the planned activities of LIFE REstore project is elaboration of Peatland management strategy, the purpose of which is to ensure an effective, sound and sustainable management of peatlands in Latvia, and which would be governed by the state level documentation.

Once a quarter the Association “Baltic Coasts” organise stakeholder meetings for a wide range of target audiences, such as industry experts, representatives of state administration, nature protection institutions, professionals with scientific background in nature sciences, economy, sociology, spatial planners and others, to discuss the environmental issues at stake, problems and their potential solutions.