LIFE REstore

LIFE REstore

Since  September 2015 ”Baltic Coasts” Association has launched the implementation of the LIFE Climate Change Mitigation  project LIFE REstore – Sustainable and responsible management and re-use of degraded peatlands in Latvia. LIFE14 CCM/LV/001103. One of the tasks of the LIFE Restore project is to find compromises between peat extractors and nature protection organisations.




The main goal is establishment of a decision support system for responsible and sustainable degraded peatland re-use and management in Latvia.

The global importance of peatlands for carbon storage and climate change mitigation has only recently been recognized in international policy – only since 2008 organic soils are subject of discussion. As the degraded peatlands can be source of GHG emissions, as well as the CO2 sequestration is limited, the management of these areas is essential for reduction of GHG emissions in long term. Moreover, peatland ecosystems are globally valuable in terms of biodiversity, as well as economic importance of the areas varies with respect to the potential options of economic activities to be carried out within.

In Latvia currently there has not been developed a strategy for implementation of standard approaches and basic principles for the management of degraded peatlands. The information about the locations and precise areas, as well as the classification of those territories in the context of climate change impacts is lacking. Since the global post 2020 climate agreement of 2013 includes the obligation to report emissions and removals from peatland drainage and rewetting (wetlands management), also a necessity has occurred for the rapid availability of reliable, comprehensive, high resolution, spatially explicit data on the extent and status of degraded peatlands, as well as for elaboration of the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory. Taking this into consideration LIFE REstore project has set out the following objectives:








Total budget 1,828,318.00 EUR, EU Contribution 1,096,990.00 EUR